News and Highlights

News and Highlights
S No. Title Details Document
1 Recording of e-Apars for 2018-19 of CHS and Dental doctors on Sparrow Portal
2 List of Retired Medical Teaching Faculty of the Armed Forces Medical Services
3 National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS)
    4 Public Notice - Seeking equal number of PG degree seats by surrendering recognized diploma seats in corresponding courses - regarding
    5 MDS Renewal Permissions for academic year 2019-20
    6 Letter of Permission (LoP) for MDS Schemes 2019-20 issued on 18.2.2019, 26.2.2019 & 27.2.2019
    7 Guidelines of NVHCP
    8 National Florence Nightangle award 2019
    9 Projection of vaccines, syringes and contraceptives for the next 5 years
    10 Recording of e-Apars for 2017-18 of CHS and Dental doctors on Sparrow Portal